Football World Cup in Qatar: “What’s wrong with you Germans?” – Society


Dunya Ramadan

Hamad Al-Amari takes off his sandals and lies down on the cognac-colored leather couch. Before that, he ordered an Ethiopian espresso and asked if there were any goji berries in it. They are, so he grabbed it. “I’ll lie down on the couch for you, because that’s how you Europeans think of us: the lazy Qataris with all the money just chill all day,” he says and laughs out loud. Hamad Al-Amari is a stand-up comedian, the only one in Qatar. During the World Cup, he moderates the largest fan festival in the capital, Doha, and is supposed to create a good atmosphere. Al-Amari speaks a mix of Arabic and English with an Irish accent. The 34-year-old spent his school days in Dublin.

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