Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar: real and false concerns

Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar: real and false concerns

Tag 27 in Doha. And when you stroll out of the hotel that morning with your World Cup accreditation around your neck, you look around several times. Where are Ntungire and Rwakitojo? At least one is always there.

They are from Uganda and they are the hotel security guards. They have to start there at 7 a.m. and are allowed to finish at 7 p.m. – and then there is the total hour and a half on the bus that picks them up in the morning and evening.

This is how it works six days out of seven. And yet, morning after morning, they stand in the lobby with a smile and start a dialogue that usually ends like this:

Securities: “More content today?”

FAZ: “Yes, more content!”

One could now criticize that they are content themselves in this column, but one has to disagree. In the excitement of the World Cup moment they are a reminder that one’s own worries – What is the thesis of the next text? How do you comment on Manuel Neuer’s injury? – are not really worried.

Where are you this morning? Ntungire, who is free, writes on Whatsapp that Rwakitojo will work later. And then: “See you.” Unfortunately not for much longer. Sunday is final day. Then we World Cup reporters will travel back home. According to their contract, Ntungire and Rwakitojo have to wait for that day. Until 2024.

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