Football: Martina Voss-Tecklenburg demands basic salaries

Vbefore the visit of Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the DFB wants to become a national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg not agree with the Chancellor’s call for equal pay for women and men in football. Her first approach would be “that we can turn all Bundesliga players into professionals, which means: basic salaries in the league.

But not an ‘equal pay’ in the men’s dimension,” said Voss-Tecklenburg on Saturday in the radio show “Heute im Stadion” on Bayern 1. “Certainly 50 percent” of the Bundesliga players would have to have a job to survive to back up.

Key word talent equity

However, Voss-Tecklenburg still has a clear opinion on the premiums. “I would like to see an equalization, maybe a little less for men and a little more for women,” said the national coach. “Maybe someday for the same title that men and women achieve, also the same money. But we will never reach the level of men’s football. And that wouldn’t be good either.”

She also wishes for “talent equity” between girls and boys, said Voss-Tecklenburg on Saturday evening in the ZDF program “The current sports studio”. The talents from the girls’ division would have to be admitted to the youth academies of the big clubs, which has so far been the exception.

scholz meets on Tuesday in Frankfurt with those in charge of the DFB, including President Bernd Neuendorf and Director Oliver Bierhoff. The Chancellor tweeted during the EM under the hashtag #equalpay (equal pay): “It’s 2022. Women and men should be paid equally. That also applies to sport, especially national teams.” Bierhoff then offered the Chancellor an interview: “I am surprised by the statement. I’m happy to invite him over, then I’ll explain the numbers to him a bit,” he said before the European Championship game against Spain on ARD.

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