First test drive in the Citroën E-C4 X

WAt this point, we refrain from listing which brands all belong to the Stellantis Group, otherwise the lines would already be full. The peculiarity of such an accumulation includes the use of many identical parts, the synergy effect sounds more economical, but in one way or another it brings well-known advantages as well as well-known disadvantages.

Holger Apple

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A brand like Citroën, which always wore French avant-garde in the breathtaking clothes and the innovative, if not always completely reliable technology, should be given special love. The team, which is trimmed for returns, is struggling, but a heartbreaker à la DS is not in sight. Maybe it will be something again.

Cross-over appearance fits in with the times

Until then, seriously made cars build bridges with a dash of courage, and the new E-C4 with the suffix X is also treading this path. Its cross-over appearance suits the times, its electric drive suits the mood, and the fact that the brothers and sisters’ mass-produced goods powered by electricity works underground doesn’t have to be a disadvantage.

Its cross-over appearance fits in with the times.

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test drive

Citroën E-C4 X

The electric motor equipped with 136 hp and 260 Nm does its job smoothly and without excitement, it fits into a car throttled to 150 km/h, with which you don’t want to uproot trees. The battery with a capacity of 50 kWh is also an old acquaintance, it should be sufficient for a standard range of 360 kilometers. That will be around 280 in everyday life. Charging takes place with up to 100 kW.

The E-C4 X is 4.60 meters long, from the B-pillar to the C4 there is a fresh gain in space, which benefits the rear passengers. The trunk closes a flap like on a limousine, the rear window remains rigid, including a decent storage volume that can be filled with some effort. The equipment is rich, the driving comfort seemed to us on a first test lap, as expected from Citroën, comfortable and gentle. In March it will be on sale from 37,500 euros, like the E-C4 and with the usual hefty e-surcharge for the petrol engine.

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