First snowfall expected: is winter coming now?

AThis weekend will be the first in some parts of Germany snowfall expected of the season. In northern Germany in particular, it will cool down significantly on Saturday night. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects temperatures of up to minus eight degrees to be reached in the Harz Mountains. According to the German Press Agency, a spokeswoman for the DWD warns of frost and ice.

The expected snow could accumulate at least up to three centimeters over a few hours at medium altitudes, and up to ten centimeters are also possible at higher altitudes. However, due to the mild temperatures in recent days, the ground is still quite warm. A lasting snow cover is therefore only to be expected at higher altitudes or in the north-east. The weather service states that now it is time to put on the winter tires to avoid traffic accidents.

On the Brocken in the Harz mountains, for example, temperatures of down to minus seven degrees are expected at night. There is a warning of a slight risk of ice. On the other hand, gusts of wind are expected on Helgoland, and gusts of wind on the North and Baltic Seas. In the south, on the other hand, according to the DWD, there could be constant rain locally.

The first snow fell in northern Germany this Friday. “It snowed in the region north of Hamburg. There was a weak area of ​​precipitation,” said a spokeswoman for the DWD on Friday morning. However, the snow did not remain on the streets. There were several slippery accidents.

After the weekend, the temperatures will be a bit milder again, especially in Frankfurt and Munich. Temperatures in Berlin and Munich can fall below freezing at night. After that, it will probably not fall below the frost line there either until the first Advent.

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