“First Dates Hotel”: What viewers can expect in season four

“First Dates Hotel”: What viewers can expect in season four

“First Date Hotel”
What viewers can expect in season four

Roland Trettl wants to help singles find love.

Roland Trettl wants to help singles find love.

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The fourth season of “First Dates Hotel” starts on February 6th. Where are the singles going this time?

The “First date hotel” opens its doors again on February 6th on VOX from 8:15 p.m. The dating show with star chef Roland Trettl (51) is already starting its fourth season. Much remains familiar, but viewers can also look forward to something new.

New place to fall in love with

After the first season singles traveled to Provence, both of the following two seasons went to a hotel in Croatia. The fourth season brings the participants to Mallorca for the first time. Trettl has lived on the island for seven years and is therefore happy to welcome the singles to the Balearic island.

“It’s ‘my’ island, so to speak, I feel good here and I want to pass this feeling of well-being on to my guests,” he enthuses in an interview with the broadcaster. He also has an answer as to why you can fall in love there of all places: “What I saw on Majorca What I always recognize is that Mallorca has a very special smell and light, these are all things that help to fall in love even more easily.”

There is also a premiere for the participants this year: for the first time this year, 55-year-old Corina and her daughter Jascha (20) have a mother-daughter check-insingle-Duo at the “First Dates Hotel”. Will they both travel home newly in love?

Roland Trettl and his team give love a helping hand

This question will be answered in eight new episodes. Viewers can otherwise look forward to the well-known concept of the show. Unlike “First Dates – A Table for Two”, the participants not only have dinner as a chance for love, they instead enjoy a whole flirting vacation. Holidaymakers looking for love can get to know each other on a blind date and other activities. If things don’t get along with the person opposite, there are enough other single all-inclusive bookers staying in the hotel. However, they are not completely alone in their search for love. Next to Roland Trettl the hotel staff are on hand to offer singles help and advice.


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