Firewood is 85 percent more expensive

Dhe prices for firewood and wood pellets increased by 85.7 percent in August compared to the same month last year, like that Federal Statistical Office announced on Thursday. They thus rose more than ten times as much as consumer prices as a whole, which increased by 7.9 percent over the same period. "The reasons for the above-average price increase for firewood and wood pellets are not only the increased demand but also the increased procurement and transport costs in the wood industry," the statisticians explained.

Especially since the outbreak of war in the Ukraine at the end of February, wood as an energy source has come into focus. Its use for heating is not without controversy. The Federal Environment Agency warns that methane and soot, which are harmful to the climate, are produced when they are burned.

Price increase of wood chips even stronger

The upward trend in prices is even clearer when looking at the producer prices for wood used for heating: Wood chips and chips, which are used to heat wood chip heating systems, among other things, were 133.3 percent more expensive in August than a year earlier. Wood pellets increased in price by 108.2 percent. For comparison: At the same time, commercial producer prices as a whole rose much more slowly at 45.8 percent.

In many places, the wood is no longer delivered at all. Many timber entrepreneurs no longer take new orders and only supply their regular customers. The rising prices meanwhile are attracting more and more professional wood thieves, as the spokesman for the forest owners' association AGDW told the FAZ in August.

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