Firearm incident during search

Firearm incident during search

BDuring a search on behalf of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Reutlingen, an incident involving the use of firearms occurred on Wednesday. Whether there were injuries is still the subject of the investigation, said a spokesman for the Karlsruhe authority. It was a search of a person who had not previously been suspected.

Several media had previously reported on the incident and raids in the “Reichsbürger” milieu. The federal prosecutor initially did not comment on the background and scope of the searches.

Big raid in December

The SWR reported that a police officer from the special task force in Baden-Württemberg was slightly injured. The man shot the police officers, but then surrendered.

At the beginning of December there was a large-scale anti-terror raid against so-called Reich citizens in several federal states, Austria and Italy. At that time, 25 men and women were arrested. In this process, the federal prosecutor also determined against 30 other people. It had always been said that it could not be ruled out that more suspects would be added over time.

“Reich citizens” are people who do not recognize the Federal Republic and its democratic structures. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution assigned around 23,000 people to the “Reichsbürger” and “Selbstverwalter” scene across Germany in 2022, 2,000 more than in the previous year.

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