Fire in Reutlingen: corpses are autopsied

Fire in Reutlingen: corpses are autopsied

DThe bodies of the three people killed on Tuesday in Reutlingen died in the fire in a nursing home should be autopsied by Friday. A spokeswoman for the Reutlingen police said on Thursday that it would be clarified whether the cause of death was actually smoke inhalation, as the rescue workers had suspected.

A 57-year-old roommate at the facility is suspected of having started the fire. She was seriously injured in the fire and is currently being treated in a special clinic. The police said there were indications and investigation results that gave rise to strong suspicion. The public prosecutor issued a placement order. This means that the mentally ill suspect will be placed in a psychiatric hospital as soon as her health condition allows.

A 53-year-old woman and two men, aged 73 and 88, died in the fire. The fire broke out in one of four residential groups in the home. Seven to eight mentally ill people live there together.

According to the medical director, it is a facility that provides integration assistance for people over 50 years of age. They live there for a longer period of time, but according to the city they are comparatively independent.

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