Financial industry – Commerzbank in front of billions in profit – economy

Despite a slump in profits in the third quarter of this year, Commerzbank is heading for a surplus of more than one billion euros. In the first nine months, the institute already earned 963 million euros, despite high burdens in Poland, as announced on Wednesday. That was more than what analysts expected on average. Thanks to the rise in interest rates, CEO Manfred Knof expects net interest income to rise to more than six billion euros this year. In the third quarter, however, the already known burdens related to the Swiss franc loans at the Polish subsidiary mBank sapped the profit of the MDax group. Earnings – that is, the bank’s total income – fell by around six percent to just under 1.9 billion euros. In addition, the institute set aside almost four times as much money for impending loan defaults as in the same period last year. The bottom line is that Commerzbank earned 195 million euros, almost half as much as a year earlier.

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