Financial dilemma at Schalke: Schröder and Co. doubt the strict austerity course

Financial dilemma at Schalke: Schröder and Co. doubt the strict austerity course

Rouven Schroeder

Rouven Schroeder

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Schalke 04 must follow a strict austerity course. In terms of the best possible squad, Rouven Schröder and the coaching team have growing doubts about the very limited budget.

The difficult financial situation is forcing Schalke 04 to tighten their belts as much as possible. With regard to the necessary sporting success, among other things, Rouven Schroeder Doubts about the strict austerity course are slowly spreading.

Debts that amount to about 183 million euros. In addition, negative equity of around 88 million euros. Figures that make it clear again and again how important it is for Schalke is and remains to act as cost-effectively as possible – despite the improvements of the last few years.

The current squad has been put together accordingly. Not to say: Sewn on a financial edge. Rouven Schröder once again only had a very limited budget when planning the team that is supposed to hold the class in the Bundesliga.

CFO Christina Rühl-Hamers also wants to stick to this strict course. An important supporter: Axel Hefer, the chairman of the supervisory board.

Both are the clear proponents of the big savings. They are of the opinion that only a budget that is as limited as possible can be released in order not to endanger the fundamental health of the association. Also with regard to the sporting imponderables.

Schröder, Kramer and Co. with growing doubts about the austerity course: Relegation in danger?

A report of picture according to there are internal at S04 but meanwhile growing skepticism about this course. Skepticism, which arises in particular in the field of sport. Accordingly, in addition to Schröder, coach Frank Kramer and assistant coach Mike Büskens are concerned whether the team is of good enough quality to stay in the league.

After the clear 1: 6 bankruptcy against the current table leader Union Berlin is said to have been “raised the alarm” within the club management. The tenor: It will probably take a little more financial leeway to improve the team again within the necessary framework.

One of the biggest arguments from Schröder and Co.: A relegation, which in their opinion is not too unlikely, would cost the club more expensive than one or the other personnel reinforcement.

Rühl-Hamers and yeast continue to oppose. Your view: Even more transfers, which would mess up the calculations and lead to a greater financial risk, are no guarantee of staying up in the league. An experiment that could just as easily backfire and then have even worse consequences.

The overriding problem, from which both sides suffer equally: the numbers are still so dramatically bad that a relegation would affect the substance again. Although there would again be a willingness to cut wages, there would be no guarantee of a return to the upper house of football. Then it could get tighter again…

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