Finance Minister Christian Lindner is reorganizing the management level of his ministry

Finance Minister Christian Lindner is reorganizing the management level of his ministry

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner

The FDP politician is filling important posts in his ministry.

(Photo: Bloomberg)

Berlin Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner (FDP) fills key positions in his department. In an internal email from the minister to employees, he said he wanted the ministry’s line-up to “focus more strongly on our political projects and give the organization a long-term strategic perspective”.

In the letter, Lindner announces the replacement of three department heads. Rolf Möhlenbrock, who headed the tax department for more than four years, is being placed on temporary retirement. Nils Weith, who previously headed the tax department in the Federal Ministry of Economics, will take over his post.

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Weith is considered a liberal, he worked from 2011 to 2013 as a financial policy officer in the FDP-Bundestag faction. Predecessor Möhlenbrock was in autumn 2018 from the former finance minister and current chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) have been promoted. He has worked in the Treasury Department’s Tax Department for more than 20 years.

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Important tax projects are pending for Lindner this year. Among other things, the super write-offs agreed in the coalition agreement must be implemented, which should give companies an incentive to invest in digitization and climate protection.

Other personnel changes

The implementation is considered technically difficult. In addition, Lindner has other relief plans for citizens and businesses. However, their implementation will be politically sensitive because the coalition partners SPD and Greens have concerns.

Federal Ministry of Finance

The finance minister dismisses four department heads.

(Photo: IMAGO/Jürgen Ritter)

In his letter to the employees, Lindner explained that he had made a resolution when he took office: “Before I make major organizational changes, I would like to spend a year getting to know and understand the structures and processes in the BMF.” Now the year is over, and Lindner makes staff changes.

He also reappointed the management of the customs department. The previous director, Tanja Mildenberger, is going into temporary retirement. His successor will be Armin Rolfink, previously Vice President of the General Customs Directorate. Difficult tasks await Rolfink.

The Anti-Money Laundering Unit FIU belongs to Customs. The Financial Action Taskforce has been struggling with problems since it was founded and can’t keep up with the processing of suspicious activity reports. The Ministry of Finance is currently looking for a new head for the FIU.

In addition, Lindner plans to set up a kind of new super authority for the fight against money laundering. In addition to the FIU, this should include a Federal Financial Criminal Police Office and a central office for money laundering supervision. The implementation of this reform should keep Rolfink busy.

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Martina Stahl-Hoepner, head of the central department, the organizational backbone of the ministry, put Lindner on temporary retirement. His successor will be Oliver Lamprecht, who has been responsible for Human Resources and Organization at the Economics Ministry for more than ten years. He gets an increase in duties in the Ministry of Finance.

The IT department is to be reassigned to the central department. The previous IT department manager Harald Joos also loses his post. Scholz had created the extra IT department as finance minister.

With the latest personnel decisions, Lindner has now occupied the Ministry of Finance with his people in central positions. Right at the beginning of his term of office, he installed three new state secretaries, as well as the head of the important European department.

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