Filming halted on new film starring Cameron Diaz

Filming halted on new film starring Cameron Diaz

Hollywood stars Jamie Foxx (left) and Cameron Diaz at a photocall in London.
Image: dpa

Members of the Back In Action production team reportedly tried to blackmail fellow producer Jamie Foxx. Foxx had brought Diaz on to the project after she retired from acting.

Dhe acting has become for Cameron Diaz probably finally done. As the tabloid “Sun” reported, the 50-year-old is thinking about leaving Hollywood again because of tensions and attempts at blackmail during the shooting of the action comedy “Back In Action”.

Filming was halted a few days ago after co-producer and lead actor Jamie Foxx fired some members of the production team. They are said to have been involved in attempts to blackmail the 55-year-old Oscar winner (“Ray”) and other celebrities.

Foxx previously persuaded Diaz to return to the camera for Back In Action. The (“Bad Teacher”) actress said goodbye to Hollywood five years ago to take care of her family, husband Benji Madden and daughter Raddix.

The musician and the three-year-old had also accompanied Diaz to London to be close to her while filming Foxx’s action film. As the “Sun” reported, the actress has had enough of the “drama and arguments” on the set.

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