Film Festival: Praise for Wim Wenders’ competition film in Cannes

Film Festival: Praise for Wim Wenders’ competition film in Cannes

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Praise for Wim Wenders’ competition film in Cannes

Wim Wenders gestures during a photocall for the film "Perfect Days" at Cannes.  Photo: Christophe Simon/AFP/dpa

Wim Wenders gestures during a photo

© Christophe Simon/AFP/dpa

In his new feature film, Wim Wenders focuses on the magic of the moment. And particularly nice toilets. In the conversation in Cannes, Wenders’ fascination with Japan becomes clear.

His competition film “Perfect Days” has Wim Wenders (77) received a lot of praise in Cannes. “It came from deep within my soul,” the director said of the film project at a press conference in Cannes on Friday, while citing the screenplay’s co-writer, Takuma Takasaki. After the premiere on Thursday evening, many international critics wrote positively about Wenders’ film, praising its clarity and depth.

“Perfect Days” takes place in Tokyo and tells about a man named Hirayama (Koji Yakusho) who works as a toilet cleaner and is content with his simple life.

Wenders created a film of “deceptive simplicity,” wrote the US magazine Hollywood Reporter, “by observing the minute details of everyday existence with such clarity, fortitude, and empathy that they build cumulative emotional power without “that you notice it”.

Vanished Angels

At the press conference, Wenders also referred to his cult film “Der Himmel über Berlin” and asked if he was considering another sequel. The 1987 drama starred Bruno Ganz (1941-2019) and Otto Sander (1941-2013) as two angels.

“My angels have disappeared forever in the sky of Berlin,” said Wenders. “I don’t think I’ll be going back to the idea of ​​angels. And if anything, this is pretty close. Hirayama is an angel, if you will. Not many people see him. To many people, he’s invisible.”

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