“Fettes Brot … is history!”: Hip-hop band separates

Dhe band Fettes Brot (“Jein”, “Gay Girls”) has announced their separation. “Dad and daddy and daddy split up. At the end of ’23 we’ll pack our gym bags and start hiking on new paths,” it said on Wednesday on the homepage of Doctor Renz (Martin Vandreier), King Boris (Boris Lauterbach) and Schiffmeister (Björn Warns). Almost 30 years after it was founded, the “common story seems somehow to have been told”.

In a YouTube video published in the afternoon, the three also announced their farewell tour with rapping: “If we all see each other again before we part, that would be wonderful.” The first concert of “FB … is history!” April 5, 2023 in Rostock. And a “Greatest Hits record” is also to be released.

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