Ferrari presents for the first time four-door with Purosangue model

Dhis debut is sure to spark controversy among die-hard Ferraristi. With the Purosangue, the Italian luxury car manufacturer is bringing a four-door car with four seats onto the market for the first time. In the early 1980s, two were already included Pininfarina developed prototypes built with four doors. However, they never went into series production because the driving dynamics did not correspond to what Enzo Ferrari imagined. To mark its 75th anniversary, the 4.97 meter long and 1.59 meter high luxury car opens up a new segment for the sports car manufacturer from Maranello.

The “full blood”, which is the translation of Purosangue from Italian, is an uncompromising sports car with room for four, explains Marketing Manager Enrico Galliera the vehicle concept. The abbreviation “SUV” never escapes his lips, although of course the competition from Aston Martin and Lamborghini is in view. Visually, the streamlined four-seater is reminiscent of the Ferrari Roma. The narrow daytime running lights are separated from the main headlights below. Voluminous air intakes supply the engine compartment and brakes with fresh air. On the side, the large wheel arch panels made of carbon fiber catch the eye. Carbon also shows the roof and weighs twenty percent less than an aluminum roof. At the rear, the powerful diffuser and four tailpipes are eye-catchers.

Under the bonnet, which swings forward, Ferrari has planted a classic naturally aspirated V12 engine without electrical assistance. The twelve draws 725 horsepower from 6.5 liters. Eighty percent of the maximum torque of 716 Newton meters at 6250 rpm is already available at 2120 rpm. The performance data of the thoroughbred, which weighs just over two tons, is staggering: in 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, within 10.6 seconds from a standing start to 200 km/h, top speed of more than 310 km/h. In addition to the engine placed well behind the front axle, the eight-speed double-clutch transmission installed on the rear axle is also responsible for the ideal weight distribution of 49 to 51. It transmits the power to all four wheels on the road and, in addition to seven sports gears, has a longer gear ratio for eighth gears relaxed long-distance journeys.

1.59 meter high luxury car

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Ferrari Purosangue

A new active suspension, which is intended to minimize rolling movements, celebrates its premiere in the Purosangue. As the first Ferrari ever, he gets a hill descent control. A rear-axle steering is part of the standard scope. With the four-wheel drive derived from the GTC4 Lusso and a ground clearance of 185 millimeters, the Purosangue, which is designed for paved roads, could also safely cross a dirt road if necessary.

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