Felix Neureuther fulfills Rosi Mittermaier’s wish

fAfter the death of his mother Rosi Mittermaier, elix Neureuther is slowly looking for a way back to everyday life. “It’s a very difficult time for us,” the former ski star gave an insight into his emotional world. At the same time, however, “a bit of normality must also return to us at home,” explained Neureuther: “That is very important for our process of deep grief.”

Neureuther told on the sidelines of the Ski World Cup in Wengen in the ARDIt was the “very explicit wish” of his mother, who died in early January, that he soon resume his expert job on television: “She said: Felix, go to Wengen and enjoy it!”

Wengen is “a place of power” for the family, reported Neureuther. His father Christian clinched two victories there, he himself “didn’t drive that badly a few times” there, and Rosi Mittermaier was on the podium several times in nearby Grindelwald.

“Reputable sport is practiced here, there is no such halligalli as in other places,” said Neureuther. “That’s why it’s good to be here, and absolutely in the interest of mom,” said Neureuther, who was “very grateful” for the great sympathy. This proves “that mom did a lot of things right”.

Neureuther thanked him for the great sympathy in his mother’s death and also for how the ski family supported him during this difficult time. The two-time Olympic champion died on January 4 at the age of 72 after a serious illness.

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