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The Swiss tennis pro Roger Federer is honored that his name always comes up when asked about the greatest player in history. "I'm very proud," said the 41-year-old at a Laver Cup press conference in London (September 23-25), after which he will end his career: "When I won the 15th Grand Slam title before the Winning Augen von Pete Sampras and breaking his record was the biggest thing ever. To be able to win five more after that was a bonus. I'm very proud of my records."

Federer is often referred to as the "gentleman of the tennis"Indicates that his attempts to be more aggressive on the pitch were in vain. "Many people said to me: 'You have to be tougher and not so nice,'" Federer said. He was advised to "sweat more, more yell and be more aggressive towards my opponent". He also tried, but it all felt artificial, he explained. Eventually he decided to just keep being nice. He said to himself: "Let's see how far I can come with just being normal, being myself," Federer continued. In the meantime, he is very happy to have remained authentic and himself for so long. That's why he had so much fun being on the tour .

After the decision to resign had matured in him for weeks, Federer lost a load. "I wanted to be sure that I felt safe, that it was the right thing to do when I resigned," said the Swiss: "And that's the case, I'm happy." At first he was concerned that he might become emotional when the announcement was made, "because it means so much to me". So it was out of the question for him to just do it on the tennis court. Federer takes many memories with him into tennis retirement. "There are many and I can't pick a single one," he said when asked about his best moment: "Maybe my first Wimbledon victory, but I was lucky enough to have experienced many beautiful moments."

Federer has a sporting rivalry with Nadal, but both are close friends off the field

Among other things, he won eight times at Wimbledon. Federer, who had to have an operation on his right knee for the third time last year, will not compete in the continental competition between Team Europe and Team World in London, but will play in doubles on Friday evening - preferably alongside his old rival Rafael Nadal. "I think it would be a very special situation if it came to that," said Federer. Federer has had a sporting rivalry with Nadal for years, but off the field the two and their families are close friends. They share 42 Grand Slam titles among themselves.

Once again, the big four, who have dominated world tennis for years, are reunited in London. Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray - they all played many epic matches against each other. "It's nice to have them all around me again," said Federer, whose former idol Björn Borg will look after Team Europe in London against the world selection. And what comes after the weekend? After the impressive career? "I don't have any specific plans yet," said Federer. The only thing that is certain is that he wants to preserve tennis in some way.

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