Federal government receives new government aircraft with special equipment

Dhe federal government is getting a new long-haul aircraft for its business trips. After extensive renovation work, the Lufthansa Technik delivered a new government aircraft of the type Airbus A350 to the Bundeswehr’s flight readiness on Wednesday, as the company announced. In the future, it will transport officials such as Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), ministers and members of the Bundestag around the world. For the first time, they can use a new type of special equipment, which Lufthansa describes as a “full government cabin”.

According to Lufthansa, the interior of the new government Airbus has a structurally separated part for “political-parliamentary flight operations”. There, chancellors, ministers and other officials have conference rooms at their disposal. The rest of the plane is intended for the accompanying delegation. He was baptized airbus according to Lufthansa in the name of the first Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

The federal government had ordered a total of three new government aircraft of the type A350 in 2019 after the old Airbus fleet had caused a stir for years due to breakdowns. The Ministry of Defense put the total cost at 1.2 billion euros. A first A350 was already delivered in 2020, but it does not have the new government cabin.

The A350 is one of the most modern commercial aircraft. The twin-engine jet has an average range of 15,000 kilometers.

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