Federal elections in Berlin have to be partially repeated

WBecause of numerous mishaps, last year’s federal elections are to be repeated in parts of Berlin. This was decided by the Bundestag late Thursday evening, following a recommendation by its Election Review Committee. In a total of 431 Berliners from around 2,300 electoral districts, people should again cast their first and second votes.

However, it is considered likely that this parliamentary decision will be made before the Federal Constitutional Court is contested. It is therefore unclear when the partial repetition of the election will actually take place. It could drag on until 2024.

opposition not satisfied

The partial repetition did not go far enough for the Union, they wanted to have completely new elections in six of the twelve Berlin constituencies. In view of the numerous and significant electoral errors that indisputably took place in Berlin, a re-election limited to individual polling districts is not sufficient,” the parliamentary group said in a statement. The coalition’s proposal is not suitable for regaining “the lost trust in the correctness of the parliamentary elections”. The AfD also called for a complete repetition in at least six constituencies.

Lots of glitches on election day

The federal election on September 26, 2021 was chaotic in many polling stations in Berlin. There were long queues and waiting times, as well as wrong or missing ballots, which is why some polling stations were even temporarily closed. In many places, the polling stations remained open until well after 6 p.m. due to the crowds and the delays, although forecasts and projections were already circulating at that time.

Accordingly, there were objections to the result. The competent committee of the Bundestag received 1,713 election objections. “The election day in the state of Berlin was marked by numerous irregularities and problems with regard to the organization and conduct of the election,” says the draft that has now been accepted.

At the same time as the Bundestag elections, the elections to the House of Representatives were also taking place in Berlin. The state constitutional court wants to decide on their repetition next Wednesday. During the oral hearing, it became apparent that the election of the Berlin state parliament would be repeated in its entirety.

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