FDP considers the Corona warning app to be superfluous

Die FDP considers the federal government’s Corona warning app to be superfluous in the meantime. “The pandemic situation in Germany is over, the app has done its job,” said the health policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, Andrew Ullmann, to the newspapers of the Funke media group. He called a conceivable further development of the app a “waste of time and tax money”.

The health expert of the Green Group, Janosch Dahmen, however, said it makes sense for the app to get new functions and stay on as many smartphones as possible. As an “interface between citizens and the healthcare system”, the app could in future enable access to “health information, health maintenance offers or appointments and data”, Dahmen told the Funke-Blätter.

The Federal Ministry of Health announced that there is currently no clarity about the future of the Corona app. “The question of further use of the Corona warning app is currently being discussed within the federal government,” said a spokesman for the Funke newspapers. However, it is already certain that with a new version available from January 18th, it will also be possible to report positive self-tests via the app. Until now, only the results of PCR tests and official rapid tests could be reported.

A survey by the digital association Bitkom at the end of December showed that the Corona warning app is only used by 37 percent of the population. Among other things, the program can signal its users whether they have been in the immediate vicinity of someone for a long time who has been infected with the Coronavirus was found.

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