FC Bayern Munich in the basketball Euroleague and soccer Bundesliga

Dhe basketball Euroleague is a plutocracy. There are many rich clubs there. That’s good for the competition. In the past nine seasons there have been six different winners (and one cancellation due to the corona pandemic): Olympiacos Piraeus, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, Fenerbahce Istanbul and Anadolu Efes Istanbul. There could be a seventh winner this season: Barcelona, ​​Milan, Monaco or Munich. This is the strength of the closed system!

In basketball, the FC Bayern Munich opt for the Super League model. Since the summer of 2021, he has been one of 13 clubs that have a season ticket for the Euroleague. Means: He is set season after season. You might think: then it’s not about everything from time to time. On the contrary. On Matchday 34, when Bayern couldn’t improve any further in the table, they won in Madrid. And there they came up with a strategy in the fourth quarter that has now helped them win a play-off game against the actually overwhelming FC Barcelona. This system does not need a revolution!

the Soccer Bundesliga is a hegemony. There is a rich club there. That’s bad for the competition. In the past nine seasons there has been exactly one winner: FC Bayern Munich. This season – that may already be decided this Saturday (6.30 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Bundesliga and at Sky) in the game against Dortmund – there will be no second winner. This is the fault of the open system!

In football, FC Bayern Munich has opposed the model of great league decided – and is now stuck between two competitions and probably even two worlds. His financial advantage will increase in the Bundesliga and his financial deficit will increase in the Champions League. And so the club, for which May was always about big things, could now become a club for which – with the exception of the cup final – May is about nothing.

Every game counts? That hasn’t been the case in the Bundesliga for a long time. On the coming 34th matchday, when they probably won’t be able to take the championship trophy away from them again early on, Bayern will play in Wolfsburg, for example. This system needs a revolution!

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