Father sentenced to life imprisonment after killing his two children

Father sentenced to life imprisonment after killing his two children

IIn the trial surrounding the violent death of two children, their father was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Hanau Regional Court. The court on Friday found the man guilty of murdering his seven-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. In addition, the court determined the particular gravity of the guilt. As a rule, early release from prison after 15 years is almost impossible.

According to the indictment, the Indian wanted to punish his wife, who had separated from him, with the act, which had caused consternation nationwide. She appeared in the process as a joint plaintiff. According to investigations, on the morning of May 11 last year, the man waited for his wife to leave the apartment and then lurked outside the door until the children opened it to go to school. In the apartment, he pushed his daughter onto a bed and probably cut her neck twice with a knife.

Appeal to the public prosecutor’s office

The son was seriously injured when he jumped from the balcony of the apartment on the ninth floor of a high-rise building. Passers-by found the child, who died in hospital shortly afterwards. The father fled and was caught a few days later in a suburb of Paris.

The court agreed with the prosecutor’s request. The man’s defense attorney had not made a specific request in his plea, but pointed out that the exact events in the apartment on the day of the crime had not been clarified. It is unclear what caused the son to jump out of the window. It is also unclear whether his client came to the apartment with the intention of at least trying to bring the children to India.

According to a translator, the man said in his last word a few days ago: “I regret the death of my two children.” In an earlier statement read by his defense lawyer, he admitted that his two children died because of him. “My act is inexcusable,” the accused had explained in it.

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