Farewell, ideals! Why Habeck’s pragmatism is the art of the hour – Culture

Robert Habeck has revived a virtue: pragmatism. You can find it in the procurement of energy, also in art. Good thing, but comes with a few risks.


Hilmar Klute

At the end of the 19th century, when the Young Hegelians had already swept the last remnants of metaphysical thinking out of the debate hall, the British mathematician and philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce came onto the scene with his theory of pragmatism. According to Peirce, it is completely unthinkable that there is any external reality and thus any truth. The realist Peirce gave his contemporaries and posterity a nice sentence: According to Peirce, it is pointless to worry about whether sulfur turns pink as soon as you take your eyes off it.

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