Fanny pack trends 2023: 6 cool styles for autumn

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Fashion comeback: These fanny packs will be trendy in 2023

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Stylish fanny packs are celebrating their big comeback this year

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Many trends divide minds, including the fanny pack. The fashion accessory has been revered and despised in equal measure since the 1980s. And to this day, the hip bag keeps reinventing itself. We present six popular trends for 2023.

A trend that goes by many names: Whether fanny pack or hip bag, waist bag or belt bag – the meaning is always the same. A small bag that has adjustable straps. And usually also has a kind of buckle. This makes it versatile and can be worn around the stomach, over the shoulder or on the back. This makes it a popular and universally applicable accessory among all age groups and genders. But which styles are particularly popular this year? We show you six hip fanny pack trends for 2023.

1. Cloth bags

Fabrics made from soft materials such as cotton or polyester have the advantage of being flexible and pliable. So it is hardly surprising why so many fanny packs are made of thin fabrics. Preferably in plain colors like Gray, Green, Blue, pink or Red.

2. Croc pattern

This year he celebrates Croc look his comeback – he can also be found in the fanny pack trends 2023. The animal pattern looks particularly good on a black hip bag made of imitation leather (or real leather), which can not only be worn around the waist, but also on the back.

3. Metallic look

Shimmering surfaces draw everyone’s attention, especially when they adorn a fanny pack. Whether in Silver or goldin rainbow colors or with sequins occupied – the metallic look is very trendy in 2023. Apart from that, the bags are extremely resistant to water.

4. Leather bags

fanny packs made of genuine leather are priced significantly higher than fabric bags. In return, they also have more to offer optically – in addition to the high-quality material: In addition to additional card slots and patch pockets, they are impressive models like this with small applications and zippers.

5. Cartoon style

The cartoon style, based on popular cartoon series – such as the peanuts. The comic-like designs either adorn the entire surface of the hip bag or there are only individual characters (e.g Snoopy and Charlie Brown) on it.

6. Sports bags

Classic fanny packs that have been available for decades should also not be missing from this series. The sporty, simple designs are the same for almost all brands: Most models are kept simple and monochrome – the only eye-catcher is the company logo Adidas, Vaude or Eastpak.

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