Family was everything to her

Ahen Princess Elizabeth succeeded her father, George VI, in February 1952, there were exactly two of her descendants on the long list of possible heirs to the throne: her eldest son Charles, then just three years old, and her one-year-old daughter Anne. Elisabeth's sister Margaret followed in third place, followed by a number of uncles and aunts and their descendants. The Norwegian King Olaf V took 16th place, soon followed by the Romanian King Charles II from the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. The Archduke of Austria, a third cousin, still made it to 30th place.

When Elizabeth died, on the other hand, only the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the monarch and her husband were in the first 23 places in the line of succession to the British throne. Prince Philip. The son of Elizabeth's long-dead sister Margaret, David Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon, followed in 24th place.

Family was everything to the queen. And that in the sense of a bloodline, which is otherwise known primarily from dog and horse breeding. Little Elisabeth was still strongly influenced by a generation that was deeply rooted in the Victorian era. Above all, the influence of her grandmother, Queen Maria, had a lasting effect: Maria von Teck, whose mother was a cousin of Queen Victoria, had become engaged to the Prince of Wales in 1891, as requested. When the heir to the throne Albert Viktor died unexpectedly just six weeks later, she was married to her younger brother and future King George V.

The likeness of Queen Elizabeth II on a 1978 Royal Mail stamp

The likeness of Queen Elizabeth II on a 1978 Royal Mail stamp

Image: dpa

Elisabeth was ten years old when, of all things, the eldest son of George V and Queen Maria plunged the family and thus the monarchy into the greatest possible crisis: Edward VIII abdicated in favor of a woman who was not befitting his status. This was the only way for the younger brother and finally his daughter Elisabeth to ascend the throne. The Queen suffered all the more from the family antics of her children Charles, Anne and Andrew. And also her grandson's not exactly royal demeanor Prince Harry and his wife Meghan should not have given her much pleasure.

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