Family Minister Paus warns of growing child poverty

WThe Federal Minister for Family Affairs fears the drastic price increases for energy and food Lisa Pausthat more children in Germany will live in poverty. The Green politician therefore spoke out in favor of further relief. “The danger that child poverty will increase is great,” Paus told the editorial network Germany. “That’s why we have to take countermeasures with further relief.” Many people, especially families with children, are standing “with their backs to the wall” because of the price development. “It’s now about existence.”

Paus renewed her call for a significant increase in child benefits to help families in times of high inflation. Finance Minister’s Christian Lindner (FDP) planned increase in child benefit, the family minister considers insufficient to compensate for inflation. “We have to improve that.” She added: “In addition, the increase in child benefit must be embedded in an overall concept through which families also receive support elsewhere.” They are the ones who are particularly hard because of higher heating costs, higher prices for mobility and rising food prices would be hit.

Gradual increase planned

Lindner wants that child support increase and unify in two stages. In the coming year, there will be 227 euros per month for the first, second and third child, and 250 euros from the fourth child. In 2024, the rates for the first to third child are to be raised again – to 233 euros. The child benefit is currently 219 euros for the first and second child, 225 euros for the third and 250 euros from the fourth child.

Paus also suggested a recalculation of the standard rate in basic security and higher benefits for children. “The way the standard rate for Hartz IV has been calculated so far, there is only a considerable delay in compensating for inflation,” said Paus. “This means that people can now be thrown into real hardship.” She emphasized: “The current calculation system is not suitable for a dynamic situation like the one we are currently facing. We have to work on that.”

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