“Family Bundschuh”: Andrea Sawatzki and Axel Milberg on the film set

“Family Bundschuh”
Andrea Sawatzki and Axel Milberg on the film set

"Bundschuh family 8 - Bundschuh versus Bundschuh" (WT): Gundula (Andrea Sawatzki) and Gerald Bundschuh (Axel Milberg) in front of the

“Family Bundschuh 8 – Bundschuh versus Bundschuh” (WT): Gundula (Andrea Sawatzki) and Gerald Bundschuh (Axel Milberg) before consumption in Oehna.

© ZDF / Britta Krehl

Andrea Sawatzki and Axel Milberg are back on set. The eighth episode of the “Bundschuh Family” series is being shot in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The recordings should now be in the can, because according to the broadcaster, the next episode of the popular ZDF comedy series “Family Bundschuh” will be broadcast by “mid-November 2022 in Berlin and Brandenburg”.

Who will be the new mayor?

The eighth episode has the working title “Bundschuh versus Bundschuh” and this time it’s up to Gundula and Gerald Bundschuh – embodied by since the first episode Andrea Sawatzki (59) and Axel Milberg (66) – for the mayor’s office.

Actually wanted to Gundula Bundschuh only get bread rolls, which can sometimes be a challenge in the countryside. But in the end she is up against her husband Gerald for mayor in the village that has recently become the new home of the Bundschuhs – Bundschuh against Bundschuh.

Familiar and new faces in the cast and crew

In addition to Sawatzki and Milberg Other roles include Judy Winter (78), Stephan Grossmann (51), Eva Löbau (50), Levis Kachel (16), Emilia Packard (16) and Kai Lentrodt (53).

Based on the screenplay by Stefan Kuhlmann (58), Franziska Meyer Price (60) is directing. Kuhlmann penned the episode “Family Bundschuh – It’s not quieter somewhere else” (2021). Franziska Meyer Price directs her first “Bundschuh” film. The Emmy and Grimme award winner and multiple comedy award winner previously directed the successful series “Die Nesthocker – Familie zuschenken” (2000), “Berlin, Berlin” (2001-2004) and “Doctor’s Diary” (2009-2011).

Based on Andrea Sawatzki’s idea

The “Bundschuh family” series started with “Take a deep breath, the family is coming”, which was broadcast shortly before Christmas 2015. The screenplay by Mathias Klaschka (52) is based on the novel of the same name by actress and author Andrea Sawatzki, which was published by Piper Verlag in 2013.

A broadcast date for “Family Bundschuh – Bundschuh versus Bundschuh” has not yet been set.


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