Failures in Bundeswehr armored personnel carriers: too many disruptions for a Puma

A Department of Defense report explains why 18 Puma armored personnel carriers failed during an exercise. It wasn’t due to the severity of the disturbances.

The Puma tank

The Puma during maneuvers in Munster Photo: Fabian Bimmer/rtr

BERLIN dpa | The Department of Defense has extensive conclusions from the Failure of 18 deployed Puma infantry fighting vehicles pulled at a target practice. According to a report by the Ministry to the Defense Committee, which was presented to the German Press Agency in Berlin on Monday, it was not the severity of the disruptions, but the number that overloaded the logistics system available on site. Several broken electric cables and numerous contaminations are also cited, which would have led to the failure.

“The exercise has shown that even technically small damage that is easy to repair can have a negative impact on the operational usability of the system,” says the report, which is classified as classified information. The term “minor damage” – used by the industry – is therefore not shared by the ministry in a generalized form, especially if the crew cannot remedy it immediately, especially in a combat situation.

However, the ministry emphasizes that armored personnel carrier is a “highly complex, state-of-the-art weapon system”. He represents “a quantum leap in tactical superiority in terms of firepower, mobility and networking”. Everyone involved agreed that the Puma “is the future for the army”.

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