Extremism: youth suspected of terrorism arrested in Iserlohn

Terror suspect arrested in Iserlohn

Metal handcuffs hang from a police officer's belt.  Photo: Soeren Stache/dpa

Metal handcuffs hang from a police officer's belt. photo

© Soeren Stache/dpa

Radicalization apparently within a few months: because he planned a knife attack on police officers, a 16-year-old is now in custody.

The federal prosecutor arrested a young person who is said to have planned an Islamist-motivated attack in Germany. The one in North Rhine-Westphalia Iserlohn German Kosovars who were caught were under the influence of a supporter of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS), the Karlsruhe authorities said.

He had already had someone explain how to build an explosive device, but then feared that his plans could be thwarted. "So he decided to do one knife attack on police officers.” However, this did not happen because of the arrest.

The exact age was not disclosed. According to dpa information, it is a 16-year-old who was previously known as a so-called terror threat. He is said to have become radicalized within a few months.

The arrested person was the information of the federal prosecutor according to an investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) and is in custody. The investigators accuse him of preparing a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state and of supporting a foreign terrorist organization. The IS supporter, who is said to have influenced him, is said to be spreading propaganda material via a messenger service and calling for "jihad".


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