Explosion at Nord Stream pipelines: what’s up with the track to Ukraine – Politics

Explosion at Nord Stream pipelines: what’s up with the track to Ukraine – Politics

Ukraine denies involvement in gas pipeline sabotage North Stream 1 and 2. Previously had the New York Times as well as ARD, SWR and Time reports that tracks led in the direction of a pro-Ukrainian group. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) has warned against jumping to conclusions.

“Respect that anyone spoke to my colleagues at all,” praises Christoph Koopmann from the SZ political department. It is “very striking” that in this very sensitive case “all those involved have so far kept themselves extremely covered with possible investigation results”.

Little is known about the campaign so far. “We also don’t know who might have ordered this attack.” In any case, Ukraine “would definitely have benefited from it”. Like the United States, Kiev “spoke out against the Nord Stream project right from the start.” In fact, says Koopmann, many different actors had motives. That’s why you can still do it Russia not ruled out as perpetrators. With such sabotage, Moscow could also have demonstrated: “We can hit you anywhere, we can destroy your sensitive energy infrastructure.”

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