Ex-Lidl boss Karl-Heinz Holland founds start-up Cleangang

Dhe man, who was once one of the most powerful in the German economy, opens the door on the ground floor in person. He was once the boss of more than 300,000 people, now he extends his fist in greeting and leads through the two rooms in which his startup lives with a handful of employees and immediately offers the first name. Once he banned Coca-Cola from the supermarkets he ruled, now he asks for coffee, brings the cappuccino from the coffee machine and sits next to his co-founder.

Karl-Heinz Holland was once at the top when Lidl -Boss. He made the group, which is known for its secrecy and complicated power structure, the European discount market leader and Germany’s largest retailer. When he took office at the age of 41, he was very young for a leader of such power. For six years he stayed in the post, earning millions year after year. Then he fell over the dispute with Coca-Cola and a personnel conflict, it was later reported in the press.

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