Ex-British MP jailed

Ex-British MP jailed

A British ex-MP has billed coke as expenses (symbol image)
Image: dpa

Former UK MP Jared O’Mara has attempted to illegitimate more than £50,000 in taxpayers’ money. He submitted fake bills for the cost of his drug use.

Whe hurries with falsified bills, among other things, the cost of his cocaine use as expenses, a former British MP faces four years in prison. That was decided by a court in the English city of Leeds, as the British news agency PA reported on Thursday.

Jared O’Mara is said to have attempted to illegally collect a total of £52,000 (€58,700) in taxpayers’ money. Among other things, he submitted documents from an organization that allegedly works for people with autism. But the organization did not exist, as it turned out later. And the address given by O’Mara was that of a McDonald’s. He pretended to hire a friend as an employee and also charged the costs for this, although he did not bring anything in return.

O’Mara was elected for the Labor Party in the Sheffield Hallam constituency in 2017, ousting former Deputy Prime Minister and former leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg. However, it soon became apparent that he was not up to the task. Numerous allegations, ranging from homophobic statements online to harassing an employee with inappropriate Whatsapp messages, quickly made him an outsider. He left the labor partybut kept his seat until the next election in December 2019.

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