Everyday life in Germany: Kurt Kister on the musician Brad Mehldau – Society

Not only because Christmas is approaching, you should be kind to your soul and to those of other people. And listen to Brad Mehldau, for example.

The other day I was at a concert by jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, who I think is as brilliant as Keith Jarrett, except that Mehldau, at least on stage, is much friendlier and more down-to-earth than Jarrett. Mehldau talks to people, announces titles and tells a little something in between, while with Jarrett you sometimes had to fear that he would like to shoot the cougher out of his seat in row 17 with a fast-played sequence of dark notes. Jarrett is a solipsistic grand pianist; Mehldau is an artist who lets you share in his virtuosity as well as sometimes in his melancholy.

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