EU criticism: Hungary approves new anti-corruption agency

In April, after his surprisingly clear election victory, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban combative announcements to Brussels. Tenor: The voters would have strengthened him in such a way that his opponents in the EU could not help but give in. And one is certainly not dependent on their alms.

Now that a possible application of the rule of law mechanism is getting closer and closer, things are starting to sound different from Budapest. Of course, others are responsible for giving in. Justice Minister Judit Varga was after last week Brussels and then said she had had intensive discussions with representatives of the Commission on "specific issues and concrete commitments". The efficient and transparent use of EU money is a common interest, and Hungary is prepared to give “far-reaching guarantees” for this.

So far there is little on the table, but there have been many announcements. Most concretely: the government in Budapest has decided to set up an anti-corruption agency before November. The task of the independent body, which can take cases, should be to prevent, detect and correct irregularities in the use of EU money.

Efficient use of EU funding

The specific form can be found in the draft law, which is to be presented to the Hungarian Parliament by the end of September. In addition, the government wants a working group supported by the authority against corruption use, which is made up of equal numbers of state and non-state persons. But the government has decided even more: The minister responsible for the use of EU funding, Tibor Navracsics, should increase the efficiency of the tenders and explain the reasons in cases where only one bidder appears.

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