EU Commission wants to skim off random profits from energy companies

EU Commission wants to skim off random profits from energy companies

Die EU Commission gets serious and proposes a price cap for Russian pipeline gas. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday in Brussels that the Commission will present a corresponding legislative proposal on Tuesday next week. “The goal here is clear: we must reduce Russia’s revenues, which President Vladimir Putin is using to fund his savage war against Ukraine,” she said.

The government must withdraw from Putin’s threat to then completely stop gas supplies EU don’t be impressed. Putin has already partially or completely stopped gas supplies to 13 member states. “We see that he prefers to flare the gas,” said the Commission President. His threat is therefore not a surprise. “She would have come sooner or later anyway,” von der Leyen continued.

Putin had recently threatened to stop deliveries at the economic forum in Vladivostok. Capping prices “would be an absolutely stupid decision,” Putin said there. Russia will “supply nothing more”, he continued, “no gas, no oil, no coal” – if the deliveries are not in the economic interest of the country. Von der Leyen said that the “persistent preparatory work” of the past few months is now paying off.

The EU has made itself independent of Russian gas

At the beginning of the Ukraine war, Russian pipeline gas accounted for 40 percent of EU gas imports, today it is only 9 percent. EU energy ministers are now due to discuss the proposal in detail at their special meeting in Brussels on Friday. The Commission will then finalize the legislative proposal.

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