EU Commission approves additional German funding

Will soon be worth more: solar cells on a family home in Saxony
Image: dpa

In order to advance the energy transition, the federal government wants to promote solar systems more than before. The EU has now approved the plans.

DThe federal government is allowed to expand solar systems and other renewable energies. The European Commission, which is responsible for ensuring compliance with competition rules in the EU, approved corresponding measures on Tuesday. According to the Brussels authority, these are necessary to expand renewable energy sources and reduce emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

Specifically, subsidies for solar systems on private roofs are to be expanded in order to feed additional electricity into the general grid. the EU Commission also approved additional state tenders for photovoltaic systems on open air and roof areas as well as an adjustment of a market premium for electricity producers in the area of ​​innovation.

The federal government had recently launched numerous measures to promote the expansion of renewable energies. For example, expansion volumes for wind power and solar systems have increased significantly. By 2030, at least 80 percent of gross German electricity consumption should come from renewable sources. It’s currently just under 50 percent.

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