Espionage campaign around Lars Windhorst in Berlin

Much ado about nothing: Hertha investor Lars Windhorst
Image: dpa

Intrigues, espionage and a campaign booked in Israel to saw off the President of Hertha BSC? In Berlin it’s almost like James Bond. Not bad, Big City Club, not bad.

NNot bad, Big City Club, not bad. The whole agent-journalist-president-expulsion-chose was not sent via the – nothing personal, colleagues – but always somewhat provincial capital boulevard. But really Champions League. Breaking news and remmidemmi, but please in pinstripes: in London’s classiest paper.

Let Werder’s fish heads play like salmon, Hertha stories are printed on salmon colors. In the Financial Times, dit is Berlin. nonsense, sorry This is Berlin. intrigues, espionage and a campaign booked in Israel to saw off President Nebenbu, pardon, Gegenbauer? If so, then yes: knowledge of English required.

Anyone who is not up to date in this regard or wants to take it easy on themselves, horst, dammit, just listen to the investor. Much ado about nothing, of course. The whole story: “complete nonsense”. The lawsuit in the Tel Aviv court on which the Hertha 007 thriller was based: withdrawn.

What a cliffhanger. No hair on my head, but a comb in my pocket. Has always been the most beautiful saying in Berlin.

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