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Olga, 17
(Photo: gca)

When you flee, you have to leave a lot behind. Here children and young people tell what they were able to save. This time: Olga, 17, from Mena near Chernihiv in the Ukraine. She has been living in Seefeld for seven months.

Protocol: George Cadeggianini

“I took a volume of poetry by Taras Shevchenko with me. Shevchenko is the most important writer in Ukraine. It’s an old book, the price on the back is still in karbovanets, a Ukrainian currency that hasn’t existed for about 60 years. When we When we had to flee at the end of March, we were able to take exactly one suitcase with us. My sister, my mother and I together: one suitcase. I knew immediately that this book still had to go with me. It was different from all the other books. It was always there. For them At school we had to memorize some poems from it. If scoundrels chattered my country / And after a successful robber’s stroke / Set the empty house on fire / No, no, I wouldn’t care at all. That’s what Shevchenko wrote 175 years ago. I often feel caught in what I experience from what he wrote. It’s about us! II turned gray abroad, says one of his poems about homesickness. I hope that doesn’t happen to me.”

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