Equestrian sport returns to the Frankfurt Festhalle

AEverything stays the same and yet feels new: After a long Corona break, the International Festival Hall Riding Tournament returns to its usual location from December 15th to 18th. In the past two years, the organizers had to switch to the Schafhof in Kronberg and were only able to hold the tournament on a smaller scale and without spectators.

In November 2021, they were still confident that the move in 2020 would remain an exception and that everyone involved would not have to do without the special atmosphere of the Christmas festival hall again. But the renewed lockdown forced the organizers to pull the emergency brake at short notice. “This time we can assume even more firmly that it won’t be like last year,” said the tournament director Matthew Alexander Rath at the press conference for the 49th edition of the tournament.

“Many things remain the same, which are important but not self-evident,” stressed Rath, emphasizing that not only had all previous sponsors remained loyal to the tournament, but that more had joined. This made it possible to keep the prize money at the 2019 level. There is a total of 375,300 euros up for grabs. “This is an important sign because everything has become more expensive for the riders,” said Rath, his stepmother Ann Kathrin Linsehoff as always keeps an eye on the good cause of the event. Also this year, donations for social projects in the region are to be collected as part of the tournament.

The sporting level should also build on that of 2019. “The tournament has been one of the most important sporting events in Frankfurt for decades,” said Linsenhoff. “I was all the happier at the Sports Press Ball in early November when the Frankfurt sports department head Mike Josef said to me: ‘The tournament is one of Frankfurt’s Big Four.’ And that’s where Eintracht counts.”

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