Enissa Amani in Frankfurt: Cola Zero and Feminism

IHer father, says Enissa Amani, called himself a “feminist”. Everyone, regardless of gender, should have the same rights and opportunities, he preached to his daughter. The fact that this message got through to her cannot be overlooked: the German-Iranian stand-up comedy artist, who rarely minces words, has long been considered a “feminist role model”. She is currently campaigning in particular for the struggle of women in Iran: Amani gave a combative speech at a demonstration on Frankfurt’s Römerberg, and she also made the uprisings in her second home a topic in the ZDF satirical program “Die Anstalt”. The program was renamed “Iranstalt” without further ado.

One topic is the feminist upheaval in Iran on Thursday evening in a discussion with Enissa Amani in the Jewish Museum. The comedienne talks to the philosopher and publicist Hannah Peaceman, with museum director Mirjam Wenzel moderating the conversation. A series of events on the museum’s current temporary exhibition begins with the evening under the motto “The ‘new woman’ today”: “Back into the Light” deals with four Jewish artists who were able to embark on promising careers in the 1920s Nazi dictatorship ended abruptly. The figure of the “new woman”, who wears a bob haircut, travels the world and fights for recognition in the interwar period against conventions, plays a major role in it.

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