Energy crisis: Habeck restructures ministry

The Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin
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In future, the Economics Ministry will have its own department for energy security and economic stabilization. It is already clear who will lead them.

AAs a reaction to the energy crisis, the Federal Minister of Economics structured Robert Habeck his ministry. The Green politician is setting up a new department for energy security and economic stabilization, as a spokeswoman for the German Press Agency said on Friday. This should create new synergies and concentrate tasks more. In combating the energy and economic crisis, the "clout" should be upheld and strengthened. The topics should also be better supported in terms of expertise and personnel.

The new department is to be headed by Philipp Steinberg, who has previously headed Department I Economic Policy. In this function, Steinberg was also responsible for stabilization measures by companies such as Uniper and Lufthansa. According to the spokeswoman, a new department management position is not necessary because two other departments have been merged.

That Ministry of Economy is primarily concerned with the consequences of the energy crisis triggered by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Above all, there is criticism of Habeck because of the gas levy.

Robert Habeck

Robert Habeck

Image: dpa

Habeck described the high workload in his ministry at a congress on Thursday: "People get sick. They have burnout, they get tinnitus. They can't anymore."It's always the same people who make the laws, because that's the way the house is built.

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