Energy crisis forces medium-sized companies to act

Dhe energy crisis is hitting German SMEs hard. In order to adapt to the increased costs, one in four companies is currently planning a restructuring, according to a survey published on Thursday DZ Bank indicates. The results, which were previously available to the FAZ, are based on a survey of around 1000 owners and managers of medium-sized companies between mid-September and mid-October.

According to this, 17 percent of the companies surveyed see themselves before a realignment of their business model; 16 percent even expect to have to close energy-intensive areas. This adaptability, in order to maintain a sustainable business model even in times of changing framework conditions, is “one of the great strengths of medium-sized companies,” comments Stephan Ortolf, head of the corporate customer department at DZ Bank.

Nevertheless, there are clear differences between the sectors: While every third company in the food industry feels forced to restructure, it is every fifth in metal, machine and car construction. It is also the food sector, along with the chemical industry, that is suffering the greatest burden from rising electricity and gas prices. Bakers, milk processors and beverage manufacturers, for example, need a lot of heat for their production. In the chemical industry, gas is not only used to generate heat, but is also used directly in production as a raw material.

Across all sectors, two-thirds of the medium-sized companies surveyed stated that the increased electricity prices were affecting their business, and 55 percent for gas – around 20 percent more than six months ago. Should there be a gas shortage in winter, 44 percent fear significant impairments; According to their own statements, 24 percent would have to close business areas.

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