Elon Musk: Twitter vote on Trump’s return

Elon Musk
Twitter vote on Trump’s return

Elon Musk (left) promises Donald Trump's pardon on Twitter.

Elon Musk (left) promises Donald Trump’s pardon on Twitter.

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Will Donald Trump soon be happily tweeting again on Twitter? The new owner Elon Musk is currently voting on it.

Will former US President Donald Trump (76) be allowed to celebrate his return to the social media platform Twitter via a global democratic election of all things? At least when it comes to new owner Elon Musk (51). He has a few hours ago a vote on the short message service started, in which he asks the question: “Reinstate ex-President Trump?” with the possible answers “yes” or “no”. Musk also added the Latin phrase “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” to the post – “the voice of man is the voice of God.”

After around seven hours of the poll, which will be active for a day, almost seven million Twitter users cast their votes. As of now (Saturday, 09:00 German time) may Trump are still looking forward to a timely return – 53.5 percent apparently miss his confused tweets and the shared conspiracy theories about a “stolen election” in 2020.

Locked out for almost two years

Trump’s account was permanently blocked during the storming of the US Capitol in January 2021. The ex-president, who did not want to recognize Joe Biden’s (79) election victory, was accused of inciting the riots with his tweets. Five people were killed and scores more injured in what was seen as an attack on US democracy. Investigations into this are still ongoing. Trump was recently subpoenaed by a committee of inquiry questioning his role in the attack. Trump, on the other hand, has already filed a lawsuit and instead made headlines with other statements.

Because on Tuesday evening (November 15) he announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination for the US presidential nomination for the 2024 election. “To make America great and glorious again, tonight I announce my candidacy for President of the United States,” Trump told his supporters during an appearance at his Mar-a-Lago estate.


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