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From the world of finance to politics


Habeck wants to make ex-Blackrock employee chief economist

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From the world of finance to politics: Elga Bartsch will probably soon switch from the world of finance to politics.

Elga Bartsch will probably soon switch from the financial world to politics.

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With Elga Bartsch, the Economics Minister would like to get an expert from the financial sector on board. Surprisingly, there is hardly any criticism of the change of sides.


Claus HulverscheidtBerlin, and Markus ZydraFrankfort

When you change sides professionally, there are sometimes questions in public. This happens above all to people who go from finance to politics. The economist Elga Bartsch will take this step. According to the plan, it should be the policy department for economic policy at the Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck (Green) lead. The Federal Cabinet has yet to confirm the personnel.

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