Electric car entry: waiting for the miracle battery

Still preventing people from buying an electric car: range and handling the battery
Image: Audi

Is it worth buying an electric car now? For many, the range in everyday life is still not sufficient. A miracle battery, the solid-state battery, should make everything better.

EI need a new car, for whatever reason. The question then arises as to whether, given the more or less enacted ban on combustion engines, potential customers will not immediately opt for the technology that politicians have defined as the only sustainable one: the battery car. There are a number of things that need to be weighed up, above all the question of how the loading should take place. If you have enough space for your car and wall box in front of your own house and use the car mainly for short distances, you should hardly have a problem – due to your social status, not even with the hefty prices that are charged for electric cars be called. The critical mind may also think of the global whole, especially where electricity and raw materials come from and whether the electric car is really green or just painted that way.

Ultimately, however, buying a car is also an investment, and then the simple question arises as to when the right time to start is. Finally, the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines in the European Union will not be banned until 2035. They’ll be on the streets for many more years. A driving ban for used cars is not in sight and would probably hardly be enforced politically. Until then, it is still almost a car’s entire life, which lasts around 14 years on average in Germany. So it’s time to develop significantly better and cheaper batteries. The solid-state battery, for example, on which all the grandees of the automotive industry are researching. But how realistic is this miracle battery?

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