Elections in Italy: Interview with journalist Paolo Berizzi

Right-wing extremists are on the verge of an election victory in Italy. The journalist Paolo Berizzi has been researching the milieu for years - and now has to be protected by the state against attacks from the right.

Claudio Rizzello

Mr. Berizzi, how are you doing just a few days before the elections?
As a citizen, I'm quite concerned. As a journalist I have a lot to do. I try to explain what is happening in this country right now and what could happen.

What could happen?
If Giorgia Meloni wins with her Fratelli d'Italia party, fascism as we know it from the history books will not return. But become fascists Italy co-govern. Our democracy would be weakened. The fascists want revenge on history and if they came to power now, it would be historic revenge.

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