Election victory of the radical right in Italy worries Europe

Giorgia Meloni

Meloni spoke early in the morning of a “Night of Pride” and a “Night of Redemption”.

(Photo: AP)

Rome The election victory of Giorgia Meloni and their far-right party, Fratelli d’Italia, has provoked jubilation and satisfaction among their right-wing allies in Europe, but above all worry in many places.

The nationalist and EU skeptic was clearly the strongest force in the election, according to projections from Monday morning, the “Italian brothers” will have more than 26 percent of the votes.

Due to the peculiarities of Italian electoral law, the entire legal alliance will in future have a clear, absolute majority in parliament.

“Today we made history,” tweeted the winner that night. She will probably be the first woman prime minister in history Italy if the Fratelli agree on a governing coalition with their partners Lega (almost 9 percent) and Forza Italia (a good 8 percent), who have clearly shrunk in the voters’ favour.

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A centre-left alliance with the Five Star Movement (around 15 percent), a center group (just under 8 percent) and led by the Social Democrats (around 26 percent) failed to stop the right. “Meloni takes Italy,” was the headline in the liberal daily “La Repubblica” on Monday after a long election night.

The right in Europe cheered: France’s right-wing nationalist Marine Le Pen tweeted her congratulations and wrote that Meloni had withstood “the threats of an anti-democratic and arrogant European Union”. Also AfD-Politicians and the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki congratulated.

Meloni spoke early in the morning of a “Night of Pride” and a “Night of Redemption”. The nationalist, whose Fratelli is a successor party to the MSI movement founded by fascists and Mussolini loyalists and who still have a flame reminiscent of the dictator in their coat of arms, said: “We must be proud again to be Italians.” steep rise in recent years is “not the goal, but the beginning”.

Almost every second adult did not vote

The 45-year-old benefited from a great disenchantment with politics on the part of the Italians. An extremely low voter turnout of just 63.9 percent – 9 percentage points less than in the 2018 parliamentary election – means a negative record. In some regions, especially in the south of the country, almost every second adult did not vote.

When Meloni receives the government mandate from President Sergio Mattarella in a few weeks and brings together an executive, Meloni wants to take consistent action against Mediterranean migrants, fight crime harder and renegotiate the conditions of the Corona reconstruction fund in Brussels.

She had announced this during the election campaign. The right also promised tax cuts. Meloni is opposed to progressive demands such as the right to be adopted by same-sex partners. She rejects gender issues.

Foreign countries now want to look closely at developments in Italy. The concern is sometimes great. “In Europe we have a set of values ​​and of course we will be mindful that these values ​​regarding human rights and the right to abortion are respected by everyone,” French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne told BFMTV on Monday.

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