Election deniers fail in US congressional elections

Mith Jim Marchant, a man would have overseen the elections in Nevada in the future who had claimed earlier this year that the population had not voted for “anybody” for years, that everyone in office had been “chosen”. Also Joe Bidens The 66-year-old Republican does not recognize victory in the presidential election in 2020.

Sofia Dreisbach

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

After failing to win the House of Representatives two years ago, Marchant said, “We have something in common: President Trump and I lost an election to rigging in 2020.” Secretary of State”, in Nevada Perhaps the most important development of the American congressional elections is sealed: In none of the fiercely contested states that will be decisive for the presidential election in 2024 will election deniers have complete control over the electoral processes in the future.

President Joe Biden repeatedly warned before the congressional elections that democracy itself was up for voting. If even one state questions the 2024 election result and refuses to certify it, chaos could result. However, a majority of Americans have now turned their backs on vote-denial candidates. Democrat Cisco Aguilar’s win over Marchant late Saturday night is the tentative culmination of a string of defeats for Trump-backed candidates who dispute the legitimacy of the presidential election.

Cisco Aguilar on November 8th in Las Vegas

Cisco Aguilar on November 8th in Las Vegas

Image: AFP

A “vote for normalcy”

When Trump tried to reverse Biden’s election victory in 2020 due to alleged fraud, he failed, among other things, when election officials and governors refused to take appropriate steps in the states. Republican Brad Raffensperger at the time refused to “find” Trump more than 11,000 votes. He has just been elected Minister of the Interior for a second time. The voters “wanted character and rewarded it,” said Raffensperger after his victory. “That was a vote for normality.” In the Republican primaries, he had prevailed against the election denier Jody Hice.

Like many of the defeated Republicans, Hice is a member of the “America First Coalition”. This group, founded by the failed Nevada native Jim Marchant, had made it its mission during the election campaign to support candidates for secretary of the interior and for governor, especially in traditionally crucial states – among them the most radical election denials.

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