Eintracht Frankfurt President Peter Fischer: Cocaine allegations “unfounded”

Eintracht Frankfurt President Peter Fischer: Cocaine allegations “unfounded”

Nafter the allegations against Peter Fisher due to suspicion of consumption and possession of cocaine, also in connection with his 13-year-old son, the Eintracht President’s lawyer on Thursday presented the investigations of the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office as partly unlawful. In a statement, the club president informed Eintracht through his legal counsel that the allegations against him were “unfounded” and that he would defend himself “with all determination”.

The basis for the statement was above all the insight into the investigation files, which the defense attorneys had now been granted. This shows that the issuing and execution of the search warrant for Fischer’s private rooms, in which he lives with his partner, his 13-year-old son and a household help, were “unlawful”.

The lawyers also raise doubts about the credibility of the mother of Fischer’s son’s classmate, who started the investigation. The lawyers point out various contradictions in the representations. It is true that a “small amount” of a suspicious substance was found in a handbag and in a bed during the house search. However, this applies to the handbag and the bed of the domestic help.

Residues of “a white substance on a sticky surface were found” on the bedside table in one of the bedrooms. However, night fishermen themselves do not stay there. The substance was found in such small quantities that it could not be secured. A rapid drug test was positive cocaine reacted. According to the lawyers, no cocaine, consumption paraphernalia or references to sellers were found. As can be seen from the investigation files, the father of Fischer’s son’s schoolmate was addicted to cocaine and crack. The family is looked after by the youth welfare office.

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